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Service & Support

100% Accuracy And Quality The First Time. Combining Capabilities In The US And Throughout The World.

LIGEN INTERNATIONAL’s combined capabilities in the US and throughout the world ensure your order will be fulfilled quickly, accurately and seamlessly. This is where we are going the extra mile ensuring a worry-free experience on your end. A few of the most important elements that set us apart as global sourcing industry experts:

Ongoing Metal Parts Suppliers Audit & Monitoring Program

We only work with the best. Our metal supplier pre-qualification program documents the supplier’s capabilities and verifies actual implementation of their Quality Assurance program. Only metal manufacturing companies that successfully demonstrate a high level of capability and competence and are able to understand and meet international codes and standards are placed on our approved metal supplier list.

Match The Best Qualified Metal Manufacturer For YOUR Needs

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring that you receive your custom parts EXACTLY as ordered, meeting all technical, quality and schedule requirements. After carefully reviewing your order, we select the vendor best matched to YOUR needs. Throughout our relationship, we provide technical support and ensure that your schedule is maintained and ALL of your needs are met.

Independent Quality Control

This part is KEY! LIGEN INTERNATIONAL augments the supplier’s Quality Control department by performing our own final local inspection. Prior to release for shipment, your order is inspected and all documentation is reviewed and approved. No parts will leave the metal supplier’s plant unless they fulfill ALL order requirements and are properly and safely packed.

Logistics Management

Ordering custom metal parts overseas can be a logistical nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. We have it down to a science. We perform ALL the needed work to arrange shipments, containerization, scheduling and documentation including all custom duties and Homeland Security paperwork. This includes package tracking in the US and China. You will have an custom metal experts on both sides of the ocean working diligently to deliver your goods.