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About Us

LIGEN INTERNATIONAL is your global sourcing partner. You’ll meet our US-based team headed by Mark Milburn, which provide resources and expertise in custom metal parts procurement that reduces your direct and overhead costs.

In the US, our office staff in Marshall, NC provides a broad range of services that support and augment your internal organization. Internationally, our strategic partners expertly manage your order through the entire manufacturing process. We resolve technical issues, monitor progress, perform independent quality inspections and arrange for shipment. We act as your own quality assurance department overseas and ensure that no materials are released for shipment unless they meet your order requirements.

Our Specialties Include

Sand Casting
Lost Wax Casting
Investment Casting
Die Casting
Machined Parts
Tube Bending

“We’re a “make it happen” company. Our OEM’s put their trust in us because they’re under tight contracts and timelines. We pride ourselves on filling their needs accurately, the first time”
Mark Milburn, President