Custom Metal Stems and Shafts Manufactured To Your Spec

Stainless steel stems and shafts built custom to your specification. Here are our available stems and shaft processes, materials available and vendor locations. Be sure to look over the custom metal stems and shafts below as well.

Types of Stem and Shaft Configurations Available:

  • Thread Options
    • Full ACME
    • Stob ACME
    • V Thread
    • Trapezoidal
  • Keyways
    • Square
    • Woodruff

Stem and Shaft Materials

Ligen International supplies stems and Shafts from the following Materials:

  • 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Nitronic Series
  • Duplex Steels
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steels

Project Quality Control

We have our own inspectors in each location to perform in-process and final inspection to verify requirements prior to shipment. See how it works for details on this process. 

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