Custom Hardfaced and Overlayed Components Manufactured To Your Spec

o-(33)Ligen has many years of experience manufacturing custom hardfaced or wear resistant components. Call now and speak to our resident welding engineer / metallurgist so we can complete your most difficult welding operations so you can focus on growing your business. 

We fit the right process to your custom metal part job
Custom hardface and overlay are performed using fully automated Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) Machines. Some approved metal manufacturing procedures also use GTAW machines. 

Qualified WPS and PQR if your project requires a combination of overlay material and base material, according to ASME IX specifications.

Hardface and overlay uses various grades of base materials:

  • Stellite 6
  • Stellite 21
  • Inconel
  • SS316 (316L). 

Project Quality Control

We have our own inspectors in each location to perform in-process and final inspection to verify requirements prior to shipment. See how it works (link) for details on this process.

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